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Pest removal services in Fairfield, OH & surrounding area

Termites can be some of the most damaging pests in your residential or commercial building. Where one lives, many more follow. If you spot a single termite, call us immediately. We will send in a licensed, insured exterminator to complete a free inspection of your space. We will inspect both the interior and the construction of your home to determine the best plan of action if we notice signs of an infestation. Once we've outlined the areas that need to be treated, we will communicate our extermination plan with you. When you've agreed to our process, we will begin our quick and safe treatment for termite control. You can trust the team at Affordable Pest Control, Inc. to manage your pest issue in an effective, long-lasting way.

Lasting termite extermination results

What sets us apart at Affordable Pest Control, Inc. is our commitment to leaving you with lasting results. When we identify a pest problem, we use environmentally friendly extermination products and expert techniques to rid your residential or commercial space of all signs of pests. In Fairfield, you won't find a more dedicated extermination team. Our effective three-step plan to total extermination starts with a free estimate. We then draw up a plan of attack based on our findings, and we then complete the treatment according to our mutually agreed upon plan. We stop termites and other pests at the source so there's no chance of them coming back. 

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