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Bed Bugs

Bed bug and rodent specialists serving Fairfield and the surrounding area

Don't let bed bugs become a nightmare problem in your home. Our Fairfield-based pest control team members are trained in taking care of a bed bug problem in an effective and affordable way. When you hire Affordable Pest Control, Inc., you'll have the peace of mind that we are taking care of your pest issue while keeping your pets and family safe. Call us today for information on how we can rid your home of bed bugs or other pests.

Create a pest-free space

Bed bugs can live in many types of surfaces in your home or commercial space, and they can be transported on clothing. Messes, carpeting, baseboards of beds, upholstered furniture and many more parts of your residential or commercial space can be perfect homes for bed bugs. When you hire our professional team to take care of your bed bug problem, we'll treat every surface that could have an infestation so you're guaranteed top results. 

Signs of infestation

Have you woken up recently with itchy red bumps on your skin? If so, you may have a bed bug problem in your home. A female bed bug can damaging numbers of eggs each day. If you identify a problem or even have a slight suspicion of pest presence, call us immediately. We offer free inspections. Our top-of-the-line modern equipment and licensed exterminators are a deadly combination for bed bugs. 

Professional staff

We have a professional staff that can help you quickly to make sure that your pests are removed. We believe in great professional service and making sure that you feel comfortable in your home or office. Make sure your pests are gone with our services today. 

Call us today! 513-874-5060

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